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22 May

Sundial Resort Serious about Patriotism

Sundial Beach Resort & Spa ( is serious about its U.S. patriotism. So much so that the resort has scheduled official Flag Raising ceremonies at 8 a.m. on Memorial Day, Flag Day and July 4, accompanied by a musical tribute from attendees. A costumed Uncle Sam will share in the festivities.

9 May

History of Mother’s Day

Want to know what the best thing about Mother’s Day is? Being the mom! I decided to explore this holiday's roots and find out the history of Mother's Day.

13 Feb

Valentine’s Day for Him

There’s no question about it: Valentine’s Day is a holiday for women and children. From the cartoon Valentine’s Day cards you buy for your kids to distribute at school to the candy and chocolates you get from you significant other, the main recipients of the holiday’s offerings are certainly not men. I proposed an idea to my husband this year: How about I plan Valentine’s Day and surprise you?

24 Dec

Holiday Events on Sanibel Island

It’s amazing how festive Sanibel Island is this time of year! There are a lot of holiday events and the season really kicks off with our annual Luminary Festival, which is an island wide event named for the hundreds of lights put our around the town.

17 Dec

Christmas Entertaining: Decking the Halls

It’s time for the family to return to Sanibel and spend Christmas with us. Just like with Thanksgiving, the plan is to have the big meal at Sundial Resort but do a few more casual activities at the house. However, before the out-of-towners arrive, my husband and I are hosting a Friendsmas. Friendsmas, a.k.a. Friends Christmas, is a fun way for all of us to gather and celebrate the holiday without it conflicting with travel plans and family time.

6 Dec

Holiday Travel Tips

Thanksgiving was a huge success. Both of our families had a wonderful time once they got to Sanibel Island and Sundial Resort. The key point being: once they got here. In our excitement over not having to travel this year, we overlooked the collective lack of travel experience held by our respective families.

27 Nov

Picking the Right Gifts

When our Thanksgiving meal is packed away in our bellies, the family and I sit together and discuss plans for the next holiday on the calendar: Christmas. We talk about decorations, plans for meals and extended family and, of course, gifts.

21 Nov

What I’m Thankful For…

Growing up, my family had a Thanksgiving tradition where everyone at the table had to stand up and say three things they were thankful for that year.

15 Nov

Thanksgiving Entertaining & Menu Ideas

With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, I thought it would be a good time to share some tips, tricks and resources that I have found to be helpful over the years.