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9 May

History of Mother’s Day

Want to know what the best thing about Mother’s Day is? Being the mom! I decided to explore this holiday's roots and find out the history of Mother's Day.

1 May

Kentucky Derby Party at Sundial

I am so excited about the Kentucky Derby Party at Sundial this weekend! As a rule, I have never been an avid horse racing fan but the Kentucky Derby is different.

23 Apr

Picnic Season is Here

Take your lunch outside and have a picnic! We have a spectacular weather forecast for the week, with temperatures in the high 70s, low 80s and sunny skies.

13 Feb

Valentine’s Day for Him

There’s no question about it: Valentine’s Day is a holiday for women and children. From the cartoon Valentine’s Day cards you buy for your kids to distribute at school to the candy and chocolates you get from you significant other, the main recipients of the holiday’s offerings are certainly not men. I proposed an idea to my husband this year: How about I plan Valentine’s Day and surprise you?

17 Dec

Christmas Entertaining: Decking the Halls

It’s time for the family to return to Sanibel and spend Christmas with us. Just like with Thanksgiving, the plan is to have the big meal at Sundial Resort but do a few more casual activities at the house. However, before the out-of-towners arrive, my husband and I are hosting a Friendsmas. Friendsmas, a.k.a. Friends Christmas, is a fun way for all of us to gather and celebrate the holiday without it conflicting with travel plans and family time.

15 Nov

Thanksgiving Entertaining & Menu Ideas

With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, I thought it would be a good time to share some tips, tricks and resources that I have found to be helpful over the years.

10 Oct

The Columbus Poem and Columbus Day Weekend at Sundial

Earlier this week, my son discovered the “Columbus Poem”. He was quite pleased with himself because he managed to memorize the entire thing. I was reminded of a post on Sundial’s Facebook page that talked about some of the activities that will be going on Columbus Day weekend.

13 Sep

Planning for the Holidays

I was watching the Today Show Wednesday and one of the topics of conversation was the K-Mart Holiday Ad that just aired. Apparently it first ran earlier this week, a full 106 days before Christmas! Despite the supposedly premature timing of the ad, it did one thing right: it made me start thinking about what my family will be doing this holiday season.

6 Sep

Sundial Fall Festival and Football Frenzy

The Sundial Fall Festival is here and, in the words of my husband, “Just in time for football season”. Why’s that? Well, Josh just found out that Sundial has the NFL Ticket – a special TV package that allows you to watch EVERY NFL game – and he is pumped. Sundial’s Football Frenzy isn’t all there is to their Fall Festival.