Valentine’s Day for Him

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There’s no question about it: Valentine’s Day is a holiday for women and children. From the cartoon Valentine’s Day cards you buy for your kids to distribute at school to the candy and chocolates you get from your significant other, the main recipients of the holiday’s offerings are certainly not men. This year I wanted to do something special for my husband, a Valentine’s Day for Him.

I proposed an idea to my husband this year: How about I plan Valentine’s Day and surprise you? His reaction was that of both relief and excitement. I, of course, very quickly began to dread my big idea. Why? Because what on earth do you get a guy for Valentine’s Day?!

Regardless of having not thought through my brilliant plan for holiday equality, I still had to figure something out. I started with the usual suspects to see if any of them might give me inspiration.

Flowers – he’d laugh and appreciate it but not the right way to go

Jewelry – he’s not really big on the bling

Chocolates – everyone likes chocolate, I’d just need to find a box that didn’t scream ‘feminine’

Romantic Dinner – this one’s easy, Sundial Resort’s Recipe for Romance

I was much more at ease once I realized that this wouldn’t be as hard as I thought. Dinner was taken care of (thank you Sundial!). I’d get him some fun chocolates as well but I needed to fine a more masculine selection. Finally, in lieu of flowers or jewelry, I wanted to find a special something for him.

After much research and head scratching I think was able to find just the right gift. Below are a few of my resources and great ideas you can use!

Let me know what you’ve done for your significant other for Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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