Your Easter Activities Burn Calories!

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All that build up for Spring Break and it’s already halfway over! You know what they say – “Time flies!”

The big weekend is still ahead of us, though, and we’re definitely planning on ending spring break on a high note. This weekend is going to be crazy!

Our family is hitting TWO Easter Egg Hunts, BOTH BBQ Blowouts at Sundial and taking a little time at the Children’s Spring Festival! When I saw how much food was involved in all of this I decided I needed to find a few creative ways to burn calories on the move. Here are some Easter holiday ways to work off those chocolate bunnies!

Easter Egg Hunt – 10+ min: Burns 25-50 Calories (depending on basket weight, time spent hunting and level of competitiveness)

Bouncing in a Bounce House – 10+ min: (at the Spring Festival) 25-75 Calories (depending on how many times you accidentally bump into the person next to you or get kicked out for being way too old to be in a bounce house!)

Offering to get all of the food from the buffet for your family, one plate at a time 5-10 min: 25-50 Calories (depending on distance of table from buffet, number of family members, weight of food)

In addition to some of these creative calorie burners, you could also try out the new Beach Yoga class at Sundial. They just started on Tuesday and they’re now offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 – 9:30 am.

No matter what you do, enjoy the rest of your spring break and have a happy Easter!

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